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Colin Cowherd Teases This Blockbuster NBA Trade

Colin Cowherd: “There’s a really good team that makes a lot of sense for Chris Paul and let me throw it out to you… The Boston Celtics. Send Marcus Smart to Phoenix and Chris Paul to Boston. Marcus Smart is exactly what Phoenix needs. Because of Kevin Durant’s history of breaking down they need a guy who is younger, and plays 65-70 games along with Booker and DeAndre Ayton, so when KD gets hurt they’ve got their other three stars. Smart is tough, he’s physical, Phoenix could use some of that, Booker is an OK guard, not great defensively— Smart is great [defensively], coachable, and new coach Frank Vogel loves guys like Marcus Smart. He’s physical, not going to be a ball hog… Also, I think Phoenix needs a true point guard. They have one in Chris Paul but he’s not available, so when he’s not available and KD is not available due to age and brittleness it’s a wreck, so he [Marcus Smart] obviously fits. So why would Boston want Chris Paul? Who are the Celtics' two stars? In-their-prime Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, they play 70 games, and play a lot of minutes, so it’s OK if Chris Paul only plays 55 games. It’s OK if he plays 30 minutes, not 40, because he’s got that cover. This team in Boston doesn’t play with a lot of intention. They don’t have a true quarterback. Marcus Smart is a defensive guard first, Jaylen Brown is a wing, Malcolm Brogdon is a combo, Tatum is a wing; they just freelance it and have trouble getting into their offense. Marcus Smart leads the Celtics in assists during the regular season but he doesn’t in the postseason, they don’t trust him. Jayson Tatum does [leads them in playoff assists]. Do you want your wing facilitating your offense? That’s like what the Clippers have had the last three years, it doesn’t work. What Phoenix needs is somebody who is there every night. The Suns are a championship team with Marcus Smart. Meanwhile, Boston doesn’t have a facilitator and Chris Paul is.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd float this blockbuster NBA trade that Colin believes could push two perennial contenders into NBA Finals Champions.

Check out the segment above as Colin lays out a Marcus Smart for Chris Paul swap between the Phoenix Suns and Boston Celtics.

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