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Nick Wright Says Tua Tagovailoa Should Refuse to Play Until New Deal Given

Nick Wright: “Tua right now is league MVP. They didn’t have Jaylen Waddle on Sunday by the way. He’s essentially playing perfect football. Dolphins fans are going to get mad at me, and I apologize, but I feel like this should be said on Tua’s behalf... The Dolphins since they have drafted Tua Tagovailoa tried to get Tom Brady, tried to get Deshaun Watson, were connected to Russell Wilson, and were connected briefly to Aaron Rodgers. They could have given Tua a contract extension this off-season. Chris Grier said ‘we’re going to table the talks until AFTER the year, we’re not even going to have the talks right now.’ He’s watched Justin Herbert get his extension, who has accomplished less than him, and watched Joe Burrow get his extension, same draft class, who has accomplished more. Tua right this moment should have his agent walk into the Dolphins office and say ‘I want that contract extension and I want it NOW.’ What did we say when Trevon Diggs got hurt? ‘THANK GOD HE GOT PAID.’ Why are the Dolphins not paying him? Because they’re concerned about his injury history. If you’re Tua – EXACTLY. That’s why I wanna be paid right now.”

Chris Broussard: “Should he run the risk of ruining what could be a Super Bowl-winning season?” 

Wright: “The Dolphins would be running the risk. Tua is saying nothing, Tua is going to be right there. ‘Guys, no problem, I am going to keep showing up to practice, I need those contract talks to re-open right now, and I would like to have it done before Sunday at 1pm when I’m scheduled to play again.’ It’s pretty simple. This might be the only time this guy has leverage. He has no guaranteed money after the fifth-year option.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Nick Wright of FS1’s ‘First Things First’ explain why he thinks Tua Tagovailoa should threaten the Dolphins front office to sit out regular season games if they don’t grant the early-MVP front-runner a lucrative contract extension. 

Check out the segment above as Wright details how this is the first time in Tua’s career that he’s ever had leverage with the Dolphins appearing like a legitimate candidate to win the Super Bowl. 

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