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Colin Cowherd on Trevor Lawrence Injury: 'Chiefs Are Making the Super Bowl'

Colin Cowherd: “I watched the Trevor Lawrence injury and my takeaway is... Kansas City is getting to the Super Bowl. Yes, after losing to Green Bay, Kansas City is getting to the Super Bowl. Joe Burrow is out – obstacle. Trevor Lawrence is out – obstacle. He’ll come back probably and won’t be 100%. Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Indy, all Wild Card teams, all have backup quarterbacks. Miami, you already beat them and they don’t do well vs. good teams who are physical. Baltimore, love them but Lamar Jackson has struggled in the playoffs. That’s indisputable and I love him. Houston has a rookie coach and rookie quarterback, they’re not getting to the AFC Championship, forget the Super Bowl. If Kansas City beats Buffalo this week, and I think they will, put a nail in that coffin. The Patriots had a lot of bumps in their dynasty. This IS a dynasty now. This is what a dynasty looks like, and now Kansas City, like New England, there was a lot of bumps during a lot of seasons. You throw in the fact that the Chiefs’ strength is their defense, the best in the Mahomes era – it's going to match up just fine against backup quarterbacks, rookie quarterbacks, and Trevor Lawrence not at 100%. This is starting to remind me of the Tom Brady Tampa year. There was a lot of offensive turbulence if you remember. The defense was good, young, and fast, but the problem was they had to get Vita Vea back, Chiefs need to get Bolton back. Then they got a couple breaks and the schedule lightened up. Kansas City’s schedule lightens us. They’re going to face Bailey Zappe, Jake Browning, the untrustable Chargers, and a Buffalo team that is swirling. Both Tampa and Kansas City had a veteran quarterback who has won Super Bowls, a veteran coach who knows Super Bowls, and a good defense that was missing a guy. There was also not a dominant team in that NFC. Green Bay was the number one seed and Tampa had already beaten them. There is not a dominant team in the AFC that is in Kansas City’s way. Miami is scary but Kansas City has already beaten them. This is lining up as your classic older veteran team, defense probably has more good players than the offense, Super Bowl winning coach, Arians and Andy Reid -- veteran guys who know their stuff and have been around the trophy room, veteran quarterbacks who have held up trophies, the schedule lightens up, and there’s no dominant team in your conference. It’s sort of bumpy and then you start stacking ‘W’ after ‘W’. My money is now on the 8-4 Chiefs to win the AFC. Burrow gone, Trevor Lawrence gone, rookie quarterback is a star, backup quarterbacks on Wild Card teams.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why the first reaction he had to the news of Trevor Lawrence’s severe ankle sprain was that the Kansas City Chiefs were going to the Super Bowl. 

Check out the segment above as Colin compares these Chiefs to the 2020 Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who started the season 7-5 before getting hot at the end of the season and peaking at just the right time.

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