3-20-19 Are we experiencing a trend on the Penguins blowing late leads?

Remember in the movie about the 1980 Olympic hockey team when Herb Brooks keeps saying, "Again. Again?" Maybe the Penguins thought he was talking to them as they blew a late lead....AGAIN!! They have now given up 7, 6 on 5 goals. Is it a matter of detail? A matter of who is on the ice at the time? Goaltending? We'll talk about another gut wrenching Penguins defeat with Rob King at 12:20, then Josh Yohe at 1:20.

Our special Steelers Hall of Honor guest today is indeed a special player. Jack Ham played OLB as perfectly as it can be played, and he'll be my guest at 1 pm.

Were you aware the MLB season started last night? In Japan? Which begs the question: Why?

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