3-22-19 Will Phil Kessel find his way back on the scoresheet?

Deja vu all over again! Only this time, the ending was better. Does the bad goal Matt Murray gave up wipe out what was otherwise a great performance? Will Phil Kessel EVER reappear? There's an unsung hero in recent Penguins games. Phil Bourque today at 12:20.

People called the Steelers dysfunctional in 2018. But is it now apparent to you that the dysfunction was caused by 2 former Steelers? And what will it take for them to draft ILB Devin Bush of Michigan? Matt Williamson of 247 Sports will answer that at 1:20.

Spring training has just a few days remaining. The good and bad of the Pirates' spring with John Perrotto of DK Pittsburgh Sports at 1pm.

One last item. If you were a fan of the Oakland Raiders (gag) and you know they're moving to Las Vegas, would you still go to the games in Oakland?

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