3-27-19 Will expanding replay rules really make a difference?

NOW they change it! It won't help the Steelers and Saints, or their fans, but the NFL is expanding replay (on a 1 year trial basis) so that coaches can challenge a PI call or non call. Good idea or not?

The NFL Owner's meeting is all but done. Missi Matthews of Steelers TV covered it, and will join us at 12:20. I say "us" because Guy Junker will be with me from 12-1 today.#StanandGuy#LovetheShow.

At 1pm we kick into high gear with Hall of Famer and Steelers great Rod Woodson! Then following him, Pirate closer Felipe Vazquez at 1:20.

And at 1:40, Josh Yohe will join me for some Penguins talk! Pretty good lineup, if I say so myself.

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