3-29-19 What were the good and bad things about the Piraes' Opener?

Back with you today at 12 noon!

The good news is, the Pirates did some good things yesterday. The bad news? You're liable to see a lot more of the not so good things for much of the season.

The Opening Day report card for former Pirates is mixed.

The Penguins still believe they can win the division. They should, but I'm not feelin' it. Home ice against the Islanders would be nice though. A win tonight would help immeasurably. When can they expect Malkin/Letang back. The ol' 29'er, Phil Bourque today at 12:20.

Did you watch the Purdue-Tennesse game last night? Fantastic. Have you seen a better shooting performance than Purdue guard Ryan Cline's? Steph Curry-like!

The owners meeting is over. The Steelers now look to the draft. How much should they give up to draft one of the ILB Devins? And if they can't/won't, what should they be looking for? Matt Williamson 1:20.

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