4-2-19 How bad wasthe baseball at the Pirates' home opener Monday?

Watching bad baseball and watching a bad baseball TEAM aren't necessarily the same thing. The Cardinals don't have much to take away from yesterday's assault on the sport...other than the win. I don't think the Pirates are a bad TEAM, but they sure played some bad baseball yesterday, proving they aren't good enough to abuse the game that way and still win.

MLB is doing everything to shorten games except the RIGHT thing...the only thing that will have an effect.

Things change daily. With the Islanders losing last night, the Penguins have a legitimate shot at home ice against them in the playoffs. How big of a deal would that be, since the Pens are about equal home/away? Mike Lange will join me at 12:20.

After some 1st and 2nd round blowouts, the Sweet 16 had some amazing games! Who will be left standing Monday night? Mike DeCourcy, college basketball editor for The Sporting News will be my guest at 1.

Is the Rooney rule being ignored? Are NFL teams interviewing minority candidates with no intention of hiring them, just to fulfill an obligation?

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